Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday Tip #27: Elementary School Employee Survival Tips

1. Don't sit too close to an excited fourth-grader who seems to never swallow his saliva.

2. Drink water from your own private water bottle, not a community water fountain.

3. If you see a kid with "that look" on his face, get BEHIND him and direct him to the nearest garbage can.

4. Practice not laughing (or gagging) when you witness a second-grader eating her boogers.

5. Always keep a box of tissues handy.

6. A big pack of stickers, to a kindergartener, is as magical as a wad of cash!

7. Be prepared to receive drawings of one-legged, twelve-fingered, bulging-eyed children as gifts from adoring youngsters.

8. And dandelions!

9. Little kids are blunt! Example: "Hey! You got a crooked toof." (smile, nod, and then move on)

10. Have fun! Grouchy people don't do well with kids.


  1. ... and dandelions!

    I love it. :-) What a fun post.

    Dandelion in Spanish is 'diente de leon' = lion's tooth. Makes the flower seem more ferocious, doesn't it?

    Along those same lines, daisy is 'margarita'. Makes that flower seem a little less innocent, don't you think?

    [hey - I think I just did a mini jop using 'dandelion' as the topic. :-) ha! you have me well trained.]

  2. You go, JOP girl! :-)


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