Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Tuesday Tip: Writing Your Life

What do you write when you are "between projects"? Do you brainstorm ideas? Tackle some writing prompt challenge? Dig out dusty old manuscripts to see if inspiration strikes? These things may work for you sometimes, but if they don't seem to be getting your writing juices flowing, try writing a story you already know. Pick an event from your life--something from long ago or something from yesterday--and write it out as creatively as possible.

Because I haven't written anything fresh lately, I'll do it with a story about my son.

My son was two years old when we visited a new church. Since we were unfamiliar with the new place, we opted to bring him to the service with us rather than leaving him in the care of nursery workers.

All was going well. My son was happily seated between me and my husband as we stood singing praise songs along with the congregation. The room was dim, the voices low. Some people raised their arms in worship. Others bowed their heads and sang in a whisper. A man in the row behind us sat quietly, leaning forward in his chair and resting his head in his hands, praying.

My son stood up, facing backward--facing the quietly praying man. I wish I had witnessed the look on his face as he schemed.

"RAHRRGG!!" My son's voice rang out in his best lion imitation.

The praying man jerked his head up in surprise. My husband and I gasped, trying our best not to laugh as we shushed our son.

At the end of praise time, we shared a few chuckles with that man in the row behind us.

Who says two-year-old don't belong in church?


  1. Fun tip, Becky. I am always inspired to write more and write better after I visit your .com.

  2. Hmmm... Ill give that a try. I think what I generally do when I am between projects is just blog a lot!

  3. LOL!
    Very fun tip, Rebecca!

  4. What a fun story! Between projects I tend to write personal essay-type things that then end up on my blog!

  5. Fun story and good idea, Becky...I tend to write my blog posts between times of fiction writing...


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