Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday Tip: Submit already!

I sent a few manuscripts to an agent today. I hope it leads to something good (an agent contract, a book deal, fame, riches...ha ha), but even if it doesn't, it's good to get those manuscripts out there. My tip for you today: Don't doubt yourself. You can only edit and revise so much. Once you've polished that manuscript to the point where YOU are happy with it, send it out! Agent, contest, book publisher--doesn't matter, as long as you're submitting.

Unless you're happy with writing stories that sit in a file folder for years on end, never to bless anyone with their literary genius...


  1. If nothing else it makes you feel like you're making forward progress.
    Go for it, and best of luck!

  2. Good for you for sending stuff out! This is excellent advice, too. I need to follow it. :>


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