Monday, August 30, 2010

Fun with numbers

Today I turned 35.

I like to joke that 35 is half-way to 70. I can't decide if that makes me feel old or not. Thirty-five years seems like a long time, but when I try to imagine those years into the future, they seem even longer. I still feel young, so that's what really matters.

But enough talk of age. Instead, here are some more fun little numbers about me:

1 - men I've kissed, high school friends I'm still close to

2 - sisters, countries I've lived in

3 - children, novels completed

4 - brothers, poems accepted by Highlights

11 - queries/submissions currently outstanding

15 - picture book manuscripts I really believe in

16 - years married

18 - age when I got married

23 - years since I chose to follow Jesus

46 - SALES (possibly more)

169 - responses in my rejection file (not counting email rejections)

100,000 - more tries before I even consider throwing in the towel


  1. Happy Birthday (yesterday!!)! Love your numbers list!

  2. Half way to 70 ... DaRonn and I were just talking about that!

    Those are fun numbers. You threw me at first with the brothers and sisters count; then I factored in Jake's siblings and it all made sense.

  3. Angie, I put 3 sisters because I was thinking of the three girls in my family (me and my sisters). I suppose I should have put that on number 2 because I have two sisters. Oh well!

    I do have 4 brothers, though. You might have forgotten to count Q, my adopted brother. :-)

  4. Doh! I stand corrected... but it wasn't Q I forgot... :-/


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