Friday, August 19, 2011

I Love the Mailbox

This week I got a few fun things in the mail.

Two copies of the September 2011 issue of Highlights for Children, with my poem "Summer Day" on page ten (look for it!).

An acceptance from Highlights for Children for yet another of my poems, this one titled "Cloudy." (an aside: it seems the poems that the folks at Highlights like the most are the ones that come by way of sudden, untimely inspiration).

AND, a note from my BFF who lives in BOLIVIA. (pen-pal-ing is fun--try it!)

Guess which one made me smile the biggest?


  1. I guess the BFF from Bolivia note. (:

    And congrats on the Highlights acceptances! I remember reading it as a kid and loving the writing sections. Glad to see you in there as well.

  2. Props for the published poems!

    I sent two envelopes so I hope the second makes it :)

  3. Congratulations on your poems! Highlights is such a quality (and competitive) magazine, you deserve to be proud. I've never tried pen-palling, but it must be fun.

  4. Hey, I forgot.. we actually subscrbe to HIGHLIGHTS now! So, I will sure to look for it!

  5. Marlena--You're right. What is a better day-maker than a letter from your BFF?

    Angie--I just got the other one. You are awesome!

    MG--Surely you must have a relative or friend who lives far away (or even nearby) that would enjoy pen-palling.

    Corey--that is way cool. I can't wait to hear what your kiddos think of my poem.


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