Monday, August 08, 2011

My life, elevator-pitch style

I thought it would be a fun exercise to write about my life (my real life) as an elevator pitch, and try to make it sound as exciting as possible.

Here goes:

While struggling to find her place in the publishing world, a married mother of three must overcome the challenges of everyday life in order to follow her dreams. Will chaos smother her passion for writing a future bestseller, or be the fuel she needs to make her dream a reality?

Ha. No wonder I write fantasy.

Anyone else wanna give it a try?


  1. What would happen if you tried to write an elevator pitch about your life in a fantastical setting?

    Here's mine:

    While trying to finish her debut novel, a troubled writer finds herself trapped between paying the bills and wanting to get away from it all. Can she have both, or will she be forced to be an office grunt forever.

  2. Oh how fun! You make me smile Becky.

  3. A crazy lady who claims to be a queen warps the mind lots of young children for really no reason at all.

    Hmm...not sure if I like this one^

  4. Ha! I say the fuel, baby!

    Not even going to attempt mine. Too early in the day.

  5. Anonymous1:23 AM

    LOVE it!!! You made me laugh :)


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