Saturday, November 26, 2011


Here are the answers to the quiz I posted last week. Only two brave souls attempted it, and neither of them got them all right. So I won't be posting a picture of me and hubby (at least not yet).

Here are the correct answers:

1. I had my first "real boyfriend" when I was 13. His name was Adam. I consider him my first real boyfriend because of the time we spent with each other's families.

2. My first kiss was when I was 16. It was about one month before my 17th birthday.

3. My first heartbreak was when I was 15. I had been "going out" with Ryan for about 5 months when he broke up with me rather suddenly. I wrote a lot of poems in the months that followed...

4. ...until I met my true love when I was 16.

5. Engaged at 17.

6. Married at 18.

(bonus: My true love and I have been married 17 years)

What about you? When did you have your first kiss? Meet your true love?


  1. See, I knew I wouldn't get them right. :) So next year you will have been married half you life? So cool.

  2. Married at 18. Wow. I'm impressed.

    Just wanted to say thanks for stopping my my blog on my debut day. Glad I could educate someone on selkies. :)

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  3. I married my high school boyfriend too - we've been married for over 20 years now :)


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