Friday, January 06, 2012

New Draft for the New Year

I did it! I finished my NaNoWriMo novel before the end of 2011. About ten minutes before the end, to be precise. I worked feverishly all through the month of December and now I have a very rough first draft of my first YA romance.

I finished the draft of HOUSE OF BONES about ten minutes before midnight on New Year's Eve. Then I closed my journal (I wrote it longhand) and tucked it away.

It is agonizing to ignore something so new and exciting! But if I managed to ignore the iPad hubby got me for Christmas while it sat, unwrapped, in the closet, I can certainly ignore my novel for a few more days.

On Monday, I will visit it again. Not to do any revisions yet, but to type it into Word and make notes of things that will need to be changed/added/cut.

I'm thrilled to have a new manuscript to focus on in 2012!

What are YOU excited about in this new year?


  1. Hurray for new years and new manuscripts and new releases!

  2. You are some kind of fabulous Becky!

    I am excited about many moves in our life. Times are being rearranged as well, so this excites me too.

  3. Corey--Hurray for polished manuscripts that we are certain will sell too!

    Angie--moving is always exciting for me. I wish I could come help you set up your new house!

  4. Congrats. That is awesome news. My plan is to continue writing and get some rep from an awesome agent!


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