Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Winter...make up your mind!

Winter has not been able to make up its mind
on whether it wants to go
or stay.

Personally, I'd like it to stay a while,
make itself at home
so that we can have some winter fun
like sledding
and angel-making
and crunching boot-footed through the snow.

And then,
when we've had enough,
winter will be more than welcome
to go away
and make room for spring.


  1. Thanks for hopping over to my blog. I hear a sympatico voice here. Good luck w/your work!

  2. Thank you, Sharon! Your blog is one of my most frequent stops.

    I'm currently re-reading Heartbeat. That may have been the inspiration for this post's format.

  3. Rebecca...nice to stop in to ur blog...thoughts are really good


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