Saturday, September 29, 2012

Recommended Picture Book: The Three Ninja Pigs

Once upon an exciting time,
I purchased a new picture book.
A "ninja pigs" story
by my good friend Corey.
You'll love it! Just give it a look!

I promise, your kids will adore it
and you'll be impressed by the rhyme.
The language and meter
could not have been "sweeter."
This book's worth your money AND time.


  1. Ha, ha! Love it! I might have to repost :)

  2. Anonymous9:44 PM

    Always on the look out for good children's books for the child in me. The best ones have made the journey waaaaaay past childhood. Will check this out. (I don't think I really truly understood Stuart Little until I was 30.)

  3. Yay, I've been waiting for The Three Ninja Pigs, and what a great cover! Love your rhyming review. :)


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