Saturday, October 29, 2016

Book Review: MOO by Sharon Creech

I couldn't be more in love with MOO by Sharon Creech.

When Reena and her family leave the big city and move to a small town in Maine, she isn't quite sure what to think. She and her brother, Luke, enjoy the freedom of exploring that they never got to experience before. Then Reena's parents volunteer her and Luke to work for their mean, eccentric old neighbor, Mrs. Falala, and it seems like their adventuring days are done.

But the truth is, it's an adventure of a different sort, and one Reena never saw coming.

This is a story about change, about becoming something you never thought you would be. It's about moving past a bad first impression to form a real relationship with someone you thought you didn't like. It's about embracing new experiences and the learning and growth that comes with them. It is funny and heartwarming and a little bit sad.

All of this in a concise, lyrical, beautifully written verse novel. Don't miss it!


  1. I have read it and do love it. I live in the area where it takes place, & I am charmed....but especially by the relationships.
    PS I haven't been in the blog world too much of late... so busy with non blog stuff...I will come back and read your recent posts....

    1. There's something extra special about a book set in a place where you live. I too was "charmed" when I read Rainbow Rowell's ELEANOR AND PARK for the same reason.

      If you come back to read my recent posts, you may notice that I haven't been around as much recently either. I hope you've been busy with good nonblog stuff, as I have been. :-)


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