Monday, April 27, 2020

National Poetry Month: Downfall

We had a beautiful April snowfall recently. The kind of snow that coats everything it touches and makes the world feel soft and snug, like a hug. But the thin layer that was left behind on the deck steps after being shoveled and tromped on was not so friendly.


The snow is fluffy, soft and nice
but not the ice.
It's slip-slick
enjoys the sick trick
of pulling at your shoes
making you lose your
call out
flail about.
On your back
seeing nothing by sky.

You get up
back on your feet
noting your body's warning:
You're gonna be sore in the morning.

But you smile at the not-so-nice ice
as it chuckles with glee,
because, wait and see.
Soon the sun will be high in the sky
and the slip-slick ice will melt
then dry.

© 2020 Rebecca J. Gomez

Thursday, April 16, 2020

National Poetry Month: The Puppy in the Grass

Last week was my and my hubby's 26th wedding anniversary. In celebration, my hubby got me the sweetest little gift ever. Her name is Lucy (as in Lucy Pevensie, aka Queen Lucy the Valiant), and she's a Morkie. Over the last week my life has been taken over by a tiny ball of fluff, so it may not surprise you that a few of the poems I've written for National Poetry Month have been about her. Here's one.

The Puppy in the Grass 

The puppy in the grass scampers
like a four legged toddler, so tiny
the blades of grass graze her belly.

She leaps, topples, flops
as she chases after the toy poodle.
He towers over her, turns away
as she darts under his tummy
like a hobbit under a horse.

But there are no arrows threatening her.
No bloodthirsty orc hunting her through the trees.
Just a gust of wind,
the call of a bird,
a car door slamming across the street.

To her, the unknown is danger,
and I am like an Ent,
strong arms ready
to carry her away.

© 2020 Rebecca J. Gomez

Lucy and our toy poodle, Gimli. 

Thursday, April 02, 2020

National Poetry Month: Teddy Bear in the Window

It's National Poetry Month! My main goal for the month is to write a new poem every day. So far, I haven't missed a day. That isn't saying much, considering we're only two days in, but I very nearly forgot yesterday.

My poem for April 1st was inspired by the Bear Hunt game that communities around the country have put together to entertain children and families in this time of social distancing. If you've seen any Teddy Bears hanging out in windows lately, you might know what I'm talking about. If you haven't heard of it, this article will tell you everything you need to know.

And now, the poem!

Teddy Bear in the Window

He sits
and stares
with blank black eyes.
It's no surprise that he doesn't really see,
but still, he waits,
anticipates the moment when
a minivan will round the corner



with windows in the lowest position.

A child will poke her head out
and shout, "I see one!"
A little brown bear
pressed against the living room glass,
longing for
a hug.

© 2020 Rebecca J. Gomez