Monday, April 27, 2020

National Poetry Month: Downfall

We had a beautiful April snowfall recently. The kind of snow that coats everything it touches and makes the world feel soft and snug, like a hug. But the thin layer that was left behind on the deck steps after being shoveled and tromped on was not so friendly.


The snow is fluffy, soft and nice
but not the ice.
It's slip-slick
enjoys the sick trick
of pulling at your shoes
making you lose your
call out
flail about.
On your back
seeing nothing by sky.

You get up
back on your feet
noting your body's warning:
You're gonna be sore in the morning.

But you smile at the not-so-nice ice
as it chuckles with glee,
because, wait and see.
Soon the sun will be high in the sky
and the slip-slick ice will melt
then dry.

© 2020 Rebecca J. Gomez

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