Thursday, April 16, 2020

National Poetry Month: The Puppy in the Grass

Last week was my and my hubby's 26th wedding anniversary. In celebration, my hubby got me the sweetest little gift ever. Her name is Lucy (as in Lucy Pevensie, aka Queen Lucy the Valiant), and she's a Morkie. Over the last week my life has been taken over by a tiny ball of fluff, so it may not surprise you that a few of the poems I've written for National Poetry Month have been about her. Here's one.

The Puppy in the Grass 

The puppy in the grass scampers
like a four legged toddler, so tiny
the blades of grass graze her belly.

She leaps, topples, flops
as she chases after the toy poodle.
He towers over her, turns away
as she darts under his tummy
like a hobbit under a horse.

But there are no arrows threatening her.
No bloodthirsty orc hunting her through the trees.
Just a gust of wind,
the call of a bird,
a car door slamming across the street.

To her, the unknown is danger,
and I am like an Ent,
strong arms ready
to carry her away.

© 2020 Rebecca J. Gomez

Lucy and our toy poodle, Gimli. 

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