Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Tuesday Tip #22: Stuck??

If, during your writing endeavors, you get STUCK or you aren't quite sure how to translate the scene in your head into words on a page, try this:

Get up and vacuum.

There have been many times in my writing past that this mundane activity has helped unclog my brain juices and gotten me back on track.


  1. my wife got you to write this didn't she?

  2. Ha! I love it! What a good idea for getting unstuck. :-)

  3. BJW--that is too funny! :D

    I've found that I get unstuck idea-wise in the shower, or at 3 a.m. I have a little bedside notebook for just such occasions.

    No shower notebook yet... someone should invent that!

  4. I've always heard that writers have the cleanest floors, closets, etc.! :-)

  5. A shower notebook would be IDEAL! I've converted ALL my notebooks to bath notebooks a long time ago. But a shower notebook would be real handy.

  6. You guys are making me laugh!

    Any type of cleaning can do the same trick, but vacuuming is the most tolerable.

    The shower works sometimes for me too. Also the middle-of-the-night ideas.

    Writing in the shower--what about using one of those old grease pencils? You could write right on the tile. Ha ha. But seriously, if I'm stuck on a story and an answer comes to me in the shower or while vacuuming, I'm not likely to forget it.

  7. I totally agree! Or cut down some weeds (or any yardwork). There is nothing like physical labor to get your mind thinking!

  8. If I vacuumed every time I was stuck, my house would be spotless!

  9. I fold laundry. Or take a shower. Some of my best thinking happens in the shower!


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