Monday, July 13, 2009

Tuesday Tip #23: Try something new--List poetry

I love to do exercises that get me writing in a way that I'm less familiar with. For you non-poets out there, here's something that will help you get out of your comfort zone and stretch your little-used poetry muscles (we all have them, but we don't all use them).

Write a list poem!

A list poem is simply a list of related things in the form of a (usually) rhyming poem. Check out my summer poem and/or my 200th blog post to see some examples, then try one yourself.

Have fun with your list-writing!


  1. Time to write
    Time to clean
    Don't forget the time between

    This and that
    That and This
    Summer days will soon be missed

  2. Today's post at the @ was a poem.

    Please tell Miss J that I think her 'R' art is very nice. Thanks!

  3. Sheri--thanks for playing along!

    Angie--I read your poem. Those few words really say a lot!

  4. Oh, never tried one of those. Let's see...

    My sister is good
    at memory games
    and feeding her dolls
    and giving them names

    She's good at swimming
    and riding a bike
    and finding her way
    when we go for a hike

    She's good at snapping
    and climbing a tree
    I'd be good too
    but... I am just fwee.

  5. Cute, Corey!

    Love the "fwee."


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