Sunday, January 29, 2012

House of Bones excerpt

Taking Chances

Monday morning.
Blue sky
            blue sky
                        inviting me out
into the warmth
of a summer morning.

I have one destination
on my mind:
the house of bones.
My bag is packed—
            water bottles, two of them
            granola bars, two of them
            a can of bug spray
            my camera
I grab a banana as I head out the door.
                        “Where are you going?”
“Just walking.”
                        “With a back pack?”
“A snack and water.”
                        “And your camera.”
“And my camera.”
                        “How long will you be gone?”
“Long enough to get

I don’t tell her
it depends on if he is there.

(c) Rebecca J. Gomez

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Winter's gift (belated)

There is snow on the ground
on the ground!

a lustrous
and glorious
blanket of white.

A fresh gift from winter,
though long overdue.

Don't send me to bed,
let me take in the view.

(c) Rebecca J. Gomez

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Winter...make up your mind!

Winter has not been able to make up its mind
on whether it wants to go
or stay.

Personally, I'd like it to stay a while,
make itself at home
so that we can have some winter fun
like sledding
and angel-making
and crunching boot-footed through the snow.

And then,
when we've had enough,
winter will be more than welcome
to go away
and make room for spring.

Friday, January 06, 2012

New Draft for the New Year

I did it! I finished my NaNoWriMo novel before the end of 2011. About ten minutes before the end, to be precise. I worked feverishly all through the month of December and now I have a very rough first draft of my first YA romance.

I finished the draft of HOUSE OF BONES about ten minutes before midnight on New Year's Eve. Then I closed my journal (I wrote it longhand) and tucked it away.

It is agonizing to ignore something so new and exciting! But if I managed to ignore the iPad hubby got me for Christmas while it sat, unwrapped, in the closet, I can certainly ignore my novel for a few more days.

On Monday, I will visit it again. Not to do any revisions yet, but to type it into Word and make notes of things that will need to be changed/added/cut.

I'm thrilled to have a new manuscript to focus on in 2012!

What are YOU excited about in this new year?

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Looking Back (in pictures!)

I was going to do a picture for each month of the year, as I've seen on a few other blogs. But it was too hard to choose, so I have extras. 

Some of my favorite things about 2011:

My Little Guy helping his Dad--he's getting so big!

Lots of fun with my kids, with more than just Legos

Playing in the snow

Daugher #2 rockin' it out in show choir

Catchin' some air at our favorite park

Art projects!

Hangin' with cousins

Daughter #2 as Razoul in Disney's Aladdin

Gettin' crafty

Bike riding, and other outdoor adventures

Watermelon on the Fourth of July

My girls and their friend on a mission trip to Joplin, MO 
My Little Guy with his bronze medal he won for his Tae Kwon Do form

Daughter #2 with another piano trophy (lots and lots of music in 2011)

Hangin' with my friend Angie, visiting from Bolivia

Our "Frank-o-lantern"

Daughter #1 with her Christmas present (she cried when she opened it)